Reach For The SKY,
Reach For The Best Wash!


Reach For The Sky, Reach For The Best Wash!

SKY Wash Products

SKY handwashing powder is specially formulated with high foaming formula that cuts through grease in clothes, leaving them looking bright and fresh.

Our Vision

SKY is a Washing Detergent brand that is aimed at offering products of superior quality that is not only environmentally friendly but easily accessible to the average South African.

Quick Tips

It’s always great to have handy hacks in mind when you are faced with common, easy to fix laundry problems.  Let us help you solve some of these common problems with laundry.

Our Best Sellers

Sky Core

Sky Baby

Sky Pro-Hygiene

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SKY is a brand that is passionate about the community and aims to: Offer products at with the best in class innovation an accessible price point. Empower women and girls in the community to reach their full potential through CSI support programs.