SKY Core Hand Washing Powder

Sky Core Hand Washing Powder

SKY handwashing powder is specially formulated with high foaming formula that cuts through grease in clothes, leaving them looking bright and fresh. Make Laundry a Breeze with SKY Hand Washing Powder!


  1. Use the scoop to measure of the correct dose based on the packaging
  2. If you are using a top loader; automatic or semi-automatic washing
    machine, place the detergent in the drawer provided to the washing
    machine (Never add washing powder directly to the clothes)
  3. Once you have added the detergent, place the clothes in the drum.
  4. Choose the cycle recommended on the fabric care label and press start.


Anionic surfactants; Sodium sulphate; Sodium carbonate; Sodium silicate; Sodium chloride; Sodium hydroxide; Softening agents; Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose; Antifoam; Optical brightener; Enzymes; Perfume.

Available in:

2KG, 3KG


  1. Always follow garment label washing instructions
  2. Always test fabric or colour fastness
  3. Always separate whites and coloured laundry
  4. For Heavier soiled fabrics increase dosage
  5. For hard water areas increase dose with 10ml