Have you ever felt like your laundry results are less than perfect, even though laundry washing is not something new to you? We have a put together some helpful tips on how to get the best results out of your laundry washing and in turn keep your clothes looking vibrant and soft against your skin. To start, always select the right temperature – softer fabrics prefer a cold wash while harder fabrics clean better under warmer temperatures.

Use less detergent – don’t think that if you use more detergent the cleaner your clothes, this is one of the biggest laundry mistakes. Too much detergent can create studs that allow soil to be deposited onto your clothes leaving residue on your clothes.

As soon as you find yourself with a stain on your clothing, tackle it as soon as possible with stain removal and cold water and pop it straight into the washer or was thoroughly with your hands.

Before starting a load of washing, separate your whites, colours and really dark clothes. They should all be washed separately to avoid colours mixing and changing the original hues of your clothes. You should also turn your dark clothes inside out to prevent them from fading.

To prevent clothes from shrinking and stretching, wash your clothes on a cold wash. If you are washing your clothes using a washing machine, avoid overloading your washer. This prevents your clothes from washing properly and puts extra strain on your washer. Wash your delicates by hand and handle with care.

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